Working Group to Depart Aerosvit Airlines’ Passengers is Operating at Sheremetyevo Airport

2012-12-11 — / — Today, on the 11th of December, Sheremetyevo airport will serve the passengers of Aerosvit Airlines

Sheremetyevo International Airport has created a working group to deal with the issues of departure, information, catering and accommodation of Aerosvit Airlines’ passengers. A special zone for working with passengers of the Ukrainian air company has been established in E terminal.

Sheremetyevo International Airport announces that today, on the 11th of December, 2012, the airport is going to serve more than 200 departing passengers of Aerosvit Airlines. As at 11.30 a.m. MSK, 17 passengers of Aerosvit company have arrived at the airport (flight VV 452 Moscow-Kiev), and were eventually carried to the destination by Aeroflot air company. Aeroflot company has also confirmed, that it will as far as possible handle the passengers of Aerosvit airlines at its own flights.

It should be noted that today, on the 11th of December, 2012, Sheremetyevo airport will, if so required, provide departure of all of the Aerosvit Airline’s passengers at its own expense. From the 12th of December and on consecutive days, Aerosvit Airlines’ passengers, who have not returned their tickets to the air company, will have to deal with any emerging issues on their own, by way of immediately contacting the air company. Aerosvit company shall be liable for any consequences the passengers may suffer.

Currently, the situation in the airport’s terminals is stable, no crowding of Aerosvit company’s passengers is observed.

From 00.00 MSK on December 11th 2012, Sheremetyevo Airport suspended ground handling of all the departing and arriving flights of Aerosvit Airlines (beginning from the flight VV 451 00.20 Kiev (Borispol) — Moscow (Sheremetyevo). The reason is Aeroswit air company’s failure to fulfill its obligations related to the payment of invoices for the airport services and ground handling services rendered by JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport. Aerosvit company shall be liable for any consequences the passengers may suffer.

The overall debt of Aerosvit Airlines to JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport, ZAO “TZK Sheremetevo” and ZAO Aeromash AB exceeds 165,500,000 rubles. In particular, Aerosvit company’s debt to ZAO “TZK Sheremetevo” exceeds 60,000,000 rubles (for aviation fuel and A/C fuelling services).

On the 7th of December, 2012, JSC “MASH” filed a lawsuit for the debt recovery against ChAO Aerosvit Airlines, with the Moscow Region Arbitration Court.

For any issues, please contact Aerosvit Airlines:

Office: Russia, Moscow, ul. 2nd Brestskaya, 39, Building 2, tel. +7 495 602 94 10


Airlines’ agent in Sheremetyevo UTG Tel. +7 ( 495) 225-92-48

Aerosvit Airlines’ call-center for calls from Russia 8 800 100 50 99

Public Relations Center

of Sheremetyevo International Airport

Tel. (+7495) 578 8585, (+7495) 578 2073

Fax (+7495) 232 6548