Vaasa Airport has new baggage facilities

2012-12-13 — / — The first stage of the Vaasa Airport renovation is ready. The renovated baggage facilities will be introduced on 13 December, just in time for the busy holiday season.

Finavia launched the Vaasa Airport renovation project with the City of Vaasa and the Vaasa sub-region about three months ago. The goal is to improve the functionality and services of the terminal.

The baggage handling and waiting facilities were the first to be renovated. The completed baggage lobby has about 120 square metres of additional space. The space will make life easier for passengers, especially during peak hours.

In addition to the comfortable waiting areas, passengers also get their baggage faster than now. Finavia has installed effective baggage carousels in Vaasa and has improved the working spaces of forwarding companies, which handle baggage.

“As a result of the renovation, we can now provide better services to passengers and airlines. Finavia estimates that forwarding companies can now deliver bags to the carousel for passenger pick-up up to 50% faster than before. For airlines, this translates to improved customer service and the opportunity to meet the turnaround time set by the airline,” says Mikko Komi, Vaasa Airport Director

The next stage of the renovation will begin in the early spring. That will cover the improvement of the security check areas, and the construction of a new cafeteria and a new shop.

As a developing airport, Vaasa Airport is a very important part of the Finavia airport network. Finavia wants to develop the airport’s operations in cooperation with the City of Vaasa so that the airport will optimally boost the region’s business sector.

A total of about one million euros will be invested in the renovation. Finavia’s input is about 70%. The City of Vaasa will contribute about EUR 300,000.