UNWTO Launches ‘TourismConnectsRural’ Digital Hub to Strengthen Rural Tourism Worldwide

UNWTO Launches ‘TourismConnectsRural’ Digital Hub to Strengthen Rural Tourism Worldwide

(IN SHORT) The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has introduced the ‘TourismConnectsRural’ platform, the world’s largest digital hub dedicated to rural tourism communities. This platform aims to facilitate collaboration among the Best Tourism Villages in the UNWTO Network, connecting approximately 200 rural destinations from across the globe. ‘TourismConnectsRural’ enables villages to share experiences, knowledge, and best practices, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of insights. It also offers masterclasses to enhance skills in sustainable tourism, real-time interactive communication, and an event hub for communities to showcase their events and stay informed about special occasions. UNWTO’s initiative empowers rural communities to contribute to the sustainable development of their regions by creating a space for global conversations and collaboration.

(PRESS RELEASE) Madrid, Spain, 2024-Jan-16 — /Travel PR News/ — UNWTO has launched the world’s biggest digital hub for communities focused on rural tourism. The ‘TourismConnectsRural’ platform will boost collaboration across the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO Network, connecting around 200 rural destinations in every global region.

Empowering Village Connections

TourismConnectsRural is designed to facilitate internal communication, allowing villages to exchange experiences and insights, and take part in masterclasses focused on growing tourism as a driver of rural development.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Experience Exchange: Villages can share their unique experiences, insights, and best practices through the platform, or work together on specific topics creating a dynamic ecosystem of knowledge.
  • Masterclasses: A comprehensive bank of masterclasses will allow villages to enhance their skills and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Interactive Communication: The platform enables real-time interaction, allowing villagers to engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions, and collaborate effortlessly.
  • Event Hub: Villages can showcase their events and stay informed about special occasions, fostering a sense of community through the exchange of information.

Zorista Urosevic, Executive Director at UNWTO says: “UNWTO is empowering rural communities by providing a digital space where they can converse, collaborate, and collectively learn and contribute to the sustainable development of their regions. Communities in our Best Tourism Villages Network now have unprecedented access to a space where they can communicate, share, and learn from their counterparts globally.”

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