The Cabin crew Trade Union and Estonian Air have signed a Collective Agreement

2012-12-14 — / — Estonian Air Cabin Crew Union (ESSA) and Estonian Air have signed a new Collective Agreement today which is valid up till the end of 2013.

The provisions of the Collective Agreement are extended to all Employees of the Department of Cabin Crew of Estonian Air, regardless of their trade union membership. The Collective Agreement is regulating duty and rest time, working conditions, social guarantees, salary and relations between the airline and the Trade Union.

Although the negotiations lasted for a long period both parties confirm that the agreement enables to ensure a good working environment in the company and is a precondition to further cooperation with the employer and the union representing cabin crew members. There is no doubt the agreement has an important role in motivating both parties.

“The aviation market is already very competitive and will remain so in the future. It is therefore important to find a good balance between the wishes of employees and the possibilities the company can offer in order to ensure sufficient flexibility to respond to changes in the market and to continue to be competitive,” said Jan Palmer, the CEO of Estonian Air .

“Regarding to the new Collective Agreement the work efficiency of cabin crew members will increase up to 15%. The same time we agreed to retain the wages on the level of year 2008. We hope that the company is able to implement the planned reconstruction and stabilize its activities in the coming year,” noted Veiko Saga, the Chairman of the Board of ESSA.

Estonian Air is having negotiations regarding the Collective Agreement with the Pilots Trade Association ELA and hoping to come into mutually acceptable solution in the nearest weeks as well.

The Estonian Air Cabin Crew Union ESSA is uniting approximately 80 crew members.