St. John’s International Airport, PSAC Ignoring Authority’s Latest Proposal

Authority’s latest offer of a 4.8% weighted average wage increase each year over a 7 year term receives no response from PSAC

ST. JOHN’S, NL – 2012-12-10 — / — On November 21, 2012, the Authority presented to PSAC a new collective bargaining proposal that includes a 33.8% weighted average wage increase over 7 years, or 4.8% each year, and movement on all 9 outstanding issues. After more than two weeks of no response from PSAC, it is clear that PSAC has no interest in returning to the bargaining table.

“This is a substantial proposal that offers our employees significant pay increases, very competitive overall compensation and comparable language in the collective agreement to that of the local market and the airport industry.If PSAC fails to respond to this significant proposal and return to the negotiating table, it can only be concluded that, despite their public statements, they have no real interest in negotiating a collective agreement and settling this strike,” said Keith Collins, President and CEO, St. John’s International Airport Authority.

The Authority’s new proposal means that three quarters (3/4) of all employees will receive an increase between 30% and 50% over the 7 year contract period (2009 to 2016).The wage proposal includes the impact of a new job evaluation plan as well as general wage increases, and the overall wage increases for individual employees range from 21% to 60% over the term of the agreement.These proposed rates will make St. John’s International Airport Authority employees the most highly paid Tier 2 Airport employees (airports serving less than 2 million passengers annually) in Atlantic Canada.The new proposal includes other monetary issues, such as increases to shift premiums, meal allowance and vacation entitlement, and new language on job security, contracting and pensions.

“While we continue to demonstrate our flexibility to negotiate a collective agreement that is fair to both parties, PSAC has presented no new proposals since the strike began and is holding to unrealistic June 24, 2012 wage demand of 58% over four years, three years of which are already past. If PSAC’s public statements about its desire to return to the bargaining table are sincere, now is the time to demonstrate it,” added Mr. Collins.

See negotiations website for proposal details –

St. John’s International Airport Authority is a private, not-for-profit organization with the mandate to provide the region with a safe, cost-efficient transportation facility that is a catalyst for economic growth. Under the provisions of a long-term Ground Lease with the Federal Government of Canada, the Airport Authority is responsible for the airport’s operations on behalf of the community it serves.