Singapore Airlines to use its refitted 777-200ER aircraft on Christchurch-Singapore route

Christchurch, New Zealand, 2013-12-09 — / — Travellers flying out of Christchurch on Singapore Airlines are about to enjoy even more luxury.

The airline has today announced it will use its refitted 777-200ER aircraft on the route from early February, with upgraded seats and cabin interiors meaning more space and comfort.

Christchurch Airport CEO Jim Boult says the upgrade to the service is another sign of respect for the longstanding relationship between the airport and airline.

“Singapore Airlines has served Christchurch Airport for 27 years and the relationship is one both companies are very proud of,” says Mr Boult.

“The airline has just invested more than $94million in its fleet and travellers out of Christchurch will reap the rewards.

“Putting the upgraded aircraft on the Christchurch-Singapore route is another demonstration of the growing commitment to the service, soon after adding extra flights in over the next two summer seasons.”

Mr Boult says Singapore is an important hub for South Island passengers and freight and the improved aircraft will further increase demand inbound and outbound, on top of passenger movements being up.

“For the month of Nov 2013, Christchurch Airport passenger movements from Singapore were up 27.2%, China was up 14.2% and Japan up 16.9%,” he says.

“The airline and this airport have agreed to partner in a number of off-shore markets in Asia and have signed a partnership deal with Tourism New Zealand for work in Japan.

“High net worth individuals and business travellers in and out of Singapore will be even more likely to use this upgraded service to the airport they acknowledge as the gateway to the South Island.”