Philippine Airlines issues statement on the European Union ban lift on PAL

2013-07-15 — / — The lifting by the European Union of the ban on Philippine Airlines (PAL) to fly to Europe is another testimony to PAL’s reputation as a safe airline.

Credit goes to the Philippine government for all its efforts and hard work in successfully addressing this significant concern hounding our aviation industry for years.

This welcome developmnet also signals the westward expansion of our international route network as we prepare for the much awaited return of PAL to such popular European destination as London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome and Madrid.

When we fly back to Europe after an absence of 15 years, we can boast of a newer fleet of aircraft and top quality customer service.

More than providing Filipinos living and working in Europe with the most direct link to Manila, we hope to bring the best of the Philippines to Europe and the best of Europe to the Philippines.

Ramon S. Ang
President & Chief Operating Officer