Manchester Airport’s Environmental Specialist Leads Efforts Towards Sustainable Aviation

Manchester Airport’s Environmental Specialist Leads Efforts Towards Sustainable Aviation

(IN SHORT) Karen Wallis, Environmental Specialist at Manchester Airport, shares insights into the airport’s environmental management strategies and initiatives aimed at reducing its ecological footprint. Wallis discusses the diverse responsibilities of her role, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication in implementing environmentally friendly practices across the airport. From waste recycling projects to staff training modules, Manchester Airport is actively engaged in sustainable initiatives. Wallis highlights the supportive and dynamic work environment at the airport and shares her personal interests outside of work, including her family’s enthusiasm for Lego and their desire to visit Billund, Denmark, the home of Lego, showcasing the airport’s global connectivity and personal interests of its staff.

(PRESS RELEASE) Manchester, UK, 2024-Apr-4 — /Travel PR News/ — Karen Wallis, an Environmental Specialist at Manchester Airport, is on a mission to clean up aviation. She explains how the airport approaches the management of its environmental impact, from recycling leftover ground coffee to shaping the new Terminal 2. She also reveals her top pick of the destinations that the airport flies to – and it’s a must for any Lego enthusiast.

How long have you been working at Manchester Airport?

I joined the airport in October 2023 so I’m still a newbie!

What does your job involve on a typical day?

That’s a tough one because what I like about this job is how varied it is and that no two days are the same.

My role is all about managing the day-to-day environmental impact of our operations, so there are a lot of different factors involved. I’m responsible for making sure that we are following all of the environmental laws that apply to our activities, so I regularly support different departments across the airport to make sure we are considering our impact on the environment in any projects we’re undertaking.

I carry out audits of our own activities and all of the other businesses which operate on our site, advising on where we can make improvements, developing procedures and training, and working closely with environmental bodies, such as the Environment Agency.

I see my role as there to facilitate and support others to manage our environmental impact.

Can you talk us through some of the environmental initiatives the airport is working on at the moment?

Waste is a focus at the moment. We have a good recycling system in place but we’re looking at new opportunities, such as recycling coffee grounds from retailers – that’s a project currently being trialled at our sister airport London Stansted that we’re hoping to roll out here soon. We’re also looking at how we can support the airlines using Manchester Airport to improve recycling of the cabin waste generated by passengers during flights.

For our own staff, we’re putting the finishing touches to a series of training modules that will help raise awareness and understanding of various environmental topics that affect our airport.

What skills are needed for the role?

A passion and interest in environmental issues is a must, and a willingness to champion the cause.

Communication skills are important. A lot of what I do is talking to staff, tenants, contractors and regulators, or providing written reports and presentations. I have to be able to translate sometimes quite complex and unfamiliar topics to different audiences across the airport in an accessible and engaging way.

What do you enjoy the most about working at the airport?

It’s such an unusual working environment and there are so many different activities happening that it’s impossible to get bored!

Would you recommend working at the airport?

Absolutely. It feels like a really positive period for the airport at the moment with lots of changes happening. I’ve also really appreciated how welcoming and supportive staff have been since I started. When people are already engaged and genuinely interested in what we can do to improve our environmental performance, it makes my job much easier!

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I have two children that keep me very busy, whether that’s cheering on my son’s local football team from the sidelines or helping my daughter do her Brownie badge work (she’s just done her Aviation badge). Aside from that, I love doing Pilates and am an avid bookworm and podcast fan.

Which destination that we fly to from Manchester do you most want to visit?

We’re big Lego fans in our house and we really want to visit Billund this year, the home of Lego. Denmark is beautiful and super family friendly, so add in a visit to the Lego House and Legoland and you’ve got the perfect trip to please both the little and big kids!

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