Local Babel Russia empowering Travel Brands to source new opportunities at MITT 2014

2013-10-09 — /travelprnews.com/ — LocalBabel.com, the specialist provider of customised marketing services, local market intelligence and business liaison, for businesses venturing into new markets, is set to make that difference for twenty select travel brands from around the world who will be invited to Moscow’s 21ST International Travel & Tourism Exhibition (MITT).

“Russia may well be the giant of Jonathan Swift’s classic story “Gulliver’s Travels awakening to become a top outbound tourism source country within a decade. The world’s largest country of 143.5 million people is travel hungry with 85% of its population yet to go abroad” Said Krish Vethaviyasar VP of Brand Opportunities – Russia

Local Babel’s EXPOSIS International Pavilion for Travel Brands, will debut at MITT 2014 with a bold and innovative strategy to engage and immerse trade visitors in a unique experience that will differentiate the products and services of hosted travel brands from the competition. The customised campaign begins months before the event, and continues through the critical month after the exhibition; managing the logistics of the MITT participation, customizing and implementing the brand specific marketing campaign, proactive support for visitor interactions, live social media interactions and nurturing leads to consolidate transactions.

“We want to offer our marketing & new business expertise to small & medium size travel brands to empower them to source new opportunities in growing markets like Russia. Outbound tourism in Russia grew 19% year-on-year to over 3.3 million in the first quarter of 2013 according to the Federal Tourism Agency. And our research shows that a lack of resource, language & local market expertise is preventing small to medium size travel brands tapping into new business opportunities in these markets, we should also not forget travel brands are still dealing with the aftermath of the global financial turmoil, we therefore see Exposis re-energising travel brands globally.” Said Krish Vethaviyasar VP of Brand Opportunities – Russia

The EXPOSIS Pavilion design radiates from a central networking and information zone linked to a cluster of circular kiosks, covering all areas of the travel industry including leisure, business travel, medical tourism and travel technology. The pavilion, located at a prime, highly visible site within the MITT exhibition areas is approachable from any angle, encouraging movement in a natural flow around and among the kiosks. Visitors preview complementary travel options in a harmoniously blended space, an experience mimics a sensory filled miniature tour of the world, a refreshing change from the tedious, travel-shopping, or sales mode of typical exhibitor stands.

Notes to Editors

A competition will take place on social media where travel brands can win a space on the pavilion. Visit www.localbabel.ru/pavilion for more info

Exposis international – international pavilion for travel brands at MITT 2014 russia. Starts 19–22 March at the Moscow Expocentre.

For more information about MITT please visit: http://www.mitt.ru/en-GB

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Ulrika Hedlund

PR and Marketing manager at Localbabel.com


Local Babel Russia empowering Travel Brands to source new opportunities at MITT 2014

Local Babel Russia empowering Travel Brands to source new opportunities at MITT 2014