KQ in Campaign Against HIV Travel Bans

Kenya Airways joins global campaign against HIVAIDS travel bans

NAIROBI, 2012-11-30 — /travelprnews.com/ — Kenya Airways is participating in a global campaign against travel restrictions imposed on people living with HIV/ Aids to mark this year’s World Aids Day.

The airline’s Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director, Dr. Titus Naikuni has joined 44 other Chief Executives from global organizations across the world in the World Aids Day CEO campaign that is calling on countries whose laws restrict entry, stay and travel of people based on their HIV status.

According to GBC Health, a coalition spearheading private sector engagement on the world’s most pressing global health issues, 45 countries in the world still have laws that impose travel restrictions based on HIV status.

Dr Naikuni said that freedom of movement for all is one of the inalienable human rights that anyone is entitled to.

“Discriminating people from travel because of their health status is inhumane, retrogressive and oppressive and any laws that impose such restrictions should be done away with. This is why we have added our voice to this campaign,” Dr Naikuni said.

The 25th edition of the World Aids Day will be marked on December 1.