Gatwick welcomes the launch of the Airports Commission

2012-11-03 — / — Gatwick welcomes the launch of the Airports Commission

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick Airport’s Chief Executive said:

“We welcome today’s launch of the Airports Commission. The detailed work and analysis on how to maintain the UK’s status as an international aviation hub can now really begin.

“At Gatwick we have already announced that we are beginning detailed studies on the options for a second runway. We know that Gatwick can play a critical role in addressing the current and future capacity problems in the South East.

“A new runway at Gatwick could be more affordable and practical than other options and give passengers a greater choice of routes to key destinations. At Gatwick we have the space, the capability and the access to financial resources. Critically, we would have a significantly lowerenvironmental impact when compared, for example, to a third runway at Heathrow.

“In the search for the solution to the long-term capacity crunch however, we must remain focused on how we can support growth and connectivity today and over the medium term. At Gatwick we have around 25% spare capacity and can therefore continue to provide the connectivity to growth markets which London and the UK needs.

“We look forward to submitting clear, forward looking and evidence based answers to the Commission.”


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About Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest airport and the busiest single-runway airport in the world. It serves around 200 destinations in 90 countries for around 34 million passengers a year on short- and long-haul point-to-point services. It is also a major economic driver for the South-East region, generating around 23,000 on-airport jobs and a further 13,000 jobs through related activities. The airport is 28 miles south of London with excellent public transport links, including the Gatwick Express. Gatwick Airport is owned by a group of international investment funds, of which Global Infrastructure Partners is the largest shareholder.

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