FlightsChannel Encourages Early Planning for Easter Travel, Highlights Significance of the Holiday

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(IN SHORT) FlightsChannel announces that Easter in 2024 falls on March 31st, with Good Friday preceding it, offering an extended weekend break for travelers. The press release provides insights into the significance of Easter, including traditions like Easter egg hunts and the use of chocolate Easter eggs for decoration. It also advises travelers to plan their Easter holidays well in advance, emphasizing the importance of booking flights early or looking for Easter flight deals. The press release highlights FlightsChannel’s role in assisting passengers with flight bookings and suggests that early planning can help travelers avoid higher airfare costs.

(PRESS RELEASE) Las Vegas, USA, 2023-Dec-18 — /Travel PR News/ — Easter will be on the 31st of March in 2024, though Eastern Orthodox churches have their own dates for this day. This day is always on a Sunday, though in most Christian nations the Friday before this day, called Good Friday is a holiday. Quite a few countries have the Monday after this day as a bank holiday. It is popularly believed that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Day. Most Christians will know this already though people of other religions don’t mind a lengthy weekend break and enjoyable Easter flights. The day of the year when Easter is to be observed is calculated with the help of lunar calendars.

What you may get up to on this day?

  • If you live in the Americas or Europe, the way you look forward to this day will depend on your age group. The young ones will be waiting for the eastern bunny to choose the best among them. They may also be asked to find hidden Easter eggs and the one who finds it or if there are more, most of them, is declared the winner. Yes, they may even get to keep the Easter eggs they find. The eggs, religiously, symbolize the empty shell that the tomb in which body of the Christ was placed after he was brought down from the cross. In older times and even today in the churches, the exteriors of the eggs are colored red, though today most people enjoy chocolate Easter Eggs over eggs of other kinds. These are even used for decoration and you may place one on your altar if you have one at your home.
  • Most students will get some time off on these much-recognized holidays and so will part of the workforce. They will have 3 to 4 days off, which they can spend on any number of activities including travel to a much-desired destination for which they will look for Easter flight deals. When you have some free time you may have some tasks in mind or activities that you haven’t been able to complete, due to lack of it. If you choose to go on a holiday, you should start planning it many days before these holidays, to make sure that flights and accommodation are available. Booking early is also recommended if you don’t want to pay too much for airfare. Most experienced OTAs will tell you to book your flights 2-3 months in advance, so now will be the ideal time to ahead with this. The other option you have is that you look for the Easter offers, which even FlightsChannel will have for you.
  • If you are an elderly person, you may wish to join the Sunday church service. On this day you may want to join mass in a church in Europe, in a country you have always wanted to go to or have been to and liked very much. For this, you will need to book international cheap flights for Easter and the frequency of these is much less than those of domestic flights. So, to make sure that you are able to get these, again you must book as early as possible. FlightsChannel suggests that these can be expensive too, and the later you leave your booking the more it may cost.

So, no matter how you want to enjoy your Easter, there are ways to accomplish it. Most people will think of having Sunday lunch or dinner together and those living away may come to join their families on this day. If your celebrations involve some travel and particularly flights, there are OTAs like FlightsChannel out there to assist you.

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