Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY opens gaming lounge at Helsinki Airport

2013-07-15 — / — Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY has opened a gaming lounge at the Helsinki Airport providing passengers with another fun way to spend time while waiting for their flight. Game Lounge features various slot machines and an electronic roulette.

The new gaming venue also supplements Helsinki Airport’s service selection for transit passengers.

“Gambling is part of culture in many Asian countries, so this is a welcome service especially for Asian passengers,” saysLotta Härkönen, Marketing Manager at RAY.

The gaming area covers 81 square metres and employs nine full-time employees. The Game Lounge houses 12 different slot machines and Tangiamo Touch Bet roulette. The latter is an electronic roulette that functions without a croupier.

“You may also pay Jätti-Pajatso game for free in the lounge. It is an example of the experience-rich and fascinating world of digital games.”

The Game Lounge is located near gate 27 and it is open every day from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.It complies with Finnish legislation so it serves only air passengers over 18 years of age.

To begin with The Game Lounge is a pilot project and for the time being will be open only until 2 September. The main aim is to create an image of RAY as a varied experience industry service provider.

The pilot project is part of the 75th anniversary of RAY. The Game Lounge also highlights that revenue from games goes into supporting organisations in social and health sectors as well as war veterans.

“The fact that gambling revenue is used for the promotion of social well-being and health is still somewhat unclear to many Finns and truly extraordinary to foreigners in particular. After all, the norm elsewhere is that gambling is run by profit-seeking private companies,” concludes Härkönen.

More information about the operations of Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY is available at the RAY website.