Cardamom Tented Camp Joins Prestigious Global Conservation Network, Aiming for Highest Sustainability Standards

Cardamom Tented Camp conservation lodge in Cambodia


(IN SHORT) Cardamom Tented Camp, a renowned conservation lodge in Cambodia, has recently become a fellow member of The Long Run, an esteemed international alliance dedicated to sustainable nature-based tourism. By committing to the rigorous standards of a Global Ecosphere Retreat (GER), the camp demonstrates its dedication to conservation, community engagement, and cultural preservation. Through its efforts, including protecting vast hectares of rainforest and funding wildlife patrols, Cardamom Tented Camp exemplifies how tourism can serve as a force for positive environmental impact. Membership in The Long Run will further support the camp’s journey towards enhanced sustainability practices, ensuring that its operations align with principles of conservation and responsible tourism.

(PRESS RELEASE) CAMBODIA, 2024-Mar-5 — /Travel PR News/ — CAMBODIA’S multiple award-winning conservation lodge, Cardamom Tented Camp, has joined The Long Run, an international grouping of sustainable nature-based tourism businesses dedicated to conservation, community, culture and commerce.

By joining The Long Run as a “fellow member”, the camp commits to work towards the status of a “Global Ecosphere Retreat” – GER – one of the most rigorous sustainability standards in the international tourism industry and one recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

To date, The Long Run has 11 elite GER members, 32 fellow members and 22 travel partners. Collectively, their conservation tourism helps protect around 9.3 million hectares (23 million acres) of forest, grasslands, desert and mountains on six continents.

Cardamom Tented Camp, which has the slogan, “Your Stay Keeps the Forest Standing,” protects 18,000 hectares (44,000 acres) of mixed lowland rainforest in the Botum Sakor national park in south west Cambodia. A proportion of profits from the camp helps fund patrols by 16 Wildlife Alliance forest rangers.

Since opening in 2017, those patrols have protected the forest reserve from illegal poachers, loggers, sand dredgers and land grabbers. A number of at-risk species such as Asian elephants, smooth-coated otters, leopards and hornbills have increased due to rigorous habitat protection. The improved species numbers have been verified by Wildlife Alliance and the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

Membership of The Long Run is about transforming good intentions into a holistic and tangible action plan, said Willem Niemeijer, co-founder of the camp.

“Cardamom Tented Camp and The Long Run are leveraging tourism as a smart way to fund the conservation of nature and be of value to the community. We’re striving to make tourism a measurable force for good. That is our purpose,” he said.

He added: “Membership of The Long Run will help us drive continuous improvement based on a rigorous commitment to conservation, community engagement and a respect for culture and commerce.”

Dr Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner, executive director at The Long Run, said that Cardamom Tented Camp was invited to join the grouping based on the camp’s environmental track record and unique giving-back business model.

“The Long Run is excited to work with Cardamom Tented Camp and would like to welcome the conservation lodge to our active sustainability leadership community,” said Zschiegner.

“The Cardamom tented camp is a dedicated responsible tourism entity with thoughtful attention given to every detail. We are aligned in our passion for sustainability and look forward to our journey together.”

The next step of membership will involve technical advice from The Long Run to the camp, bringing in external experts as necessary, sharing best practice among members, identifying sustainable business funding opportunities, and creating a viable plan for Cardamom Tented Camp to start its journey towards full “GER” status.

Cardamom Tented Camp will be represented at ITB Berlin travel show, 6-8 March 2024, through its affiliated travel company, Khiri Travel.

Willem Niemeijer and Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner