Budapest Airport launches largest-ever noise protection program for residents living near the airport, offering free or cost-sharing noise abatement solutions for property owners in multiple districts

Budapest Airport launches largest-ever noise protection program for residents living near the airport, offering free or cost-sharing noise abatement solutions for property owners in multiple districts

Budapest, Hungary, 2023-Mar-03 — /Travel PR News/ — Last September, the For The Neighbors Of Budapest Airport Foundation, with the support of Budapest Airport, launched the largest ever noise protection program which offers the most noise abatement solutions for residents, to a value of 1.2 billion HUF over three years. The aim of the program is to reduce noise burdens for people living near Ferenc Liszt International Airport, by retrofitting or replacing windows and balcony doors in the bedrooms and living rooms of the properties, and the installation of a ventilator in the bedrooms. In the second phase, starting on 1 March, property owners in districts X, XVII and XVIII, as well as in Vecsés and Üllő, will be able to benefit from the free or the cost-sharing opportunity. For more information on the program, which will be implemented in four phases and involves 4000 properties, please visit, where those who own properties in the designated area can apply quickly and easily.

The For The Neighbors of Budapest Airport Foundation launched the largest ever, extended public noise protection program with the support of the airport operator in September 2022, with the first phase of the program being completed at the end of February 2023. In the first phase, 20% of property owners on average took advantage of the opportunities offered. Since the first phase was implemented in areas where the scheme was already available (but with extended services), it is expected that the second, third and fourth phases will see a much higher rate of application, as this is the first time that these property owners will be able to participate in the program.

This means that from the second phase onwards, property owners in new areas of districts X, XVII, XVIII, Vecsés and Üllő will be able to benefit from free retrofit window insulation or window replacement, the insulation of roller shutter casings, the installation of a ventilator and window replacement with cost sharing.

Budapest Airport informed the affected homeowners about the details of the program and the application procedure by mail, but more information is also available at Interested parties can apply for the program by post or electronically, and the website also provides answers to frequently asked questions. The scheme is open to all property owners who have a property in the designated area and who meet the eligibility criteria.

Services available as part of the program:

Retrofit window insulation:

  • For bedrooms and living rooms, an extra 6 mm of glass on the inside of the opening part of the window can be requested free of charge, which can reduce external noise by up to 10 decibels.

Window replacement:

  • For windows older than 10 years, window replacement can be requested free of charge in bedrooms and in other rooms (living room, living room with American style kitchen), it is available on a cost-sharing basis.

Insulation of roller shutter casings:

  • For windows where the shutter is located directly above the window in a casing, the soundproofing of the shutter is also available free of charge.


  • A soundproof, wall-mounted device that allows fresh air to enter the bedroom from outside, even with the window is closed, is also available free of charge for bedrooms, to ensure a good night’s sleep

In order to ensure that the program and the newly included settlement areas are tailored to the needs of residents, Budapest Airport initiated a detailed consultation with the mayors of the districts and settlements concerned at the beginning of 2022. Following several rounds of discussions, the 1.2 billion HUF program was finalized by June 2022, and is implemented over three years, starting from 1 September 2022.

Ferenc Liszt International Airport has been developing the area together with the surrounding districts and settlements for years, and Budapest Airport pays special attention to the quality of life of the people living in the area. Furthermore, a year and a half ago, the company started to insulate or replace windows in several school and kindergarten buildings located in the noise protection zone, selecting the institutions together with the municipalities concerned. In the framework of this, doors and windows in several buildings of the Gyula Czimra Primary School in District XVII and some parts of the Antal Grassalkovich Primary School in Vecsés were renewed.

“Budapest Airport is developing together with the surrounding settlements and districts, and pays special attention to improving the quality of life for nearby residents,” said Chris Dinsdale, the CEO of Budapest Airport. He added: “We are confident that all affected residents will find the best solution for them in our noise protection program. We encourage everyone who owns property in the affected areas to participate in the program, as the For The Neighbors Of Budapest Airport Foundation can ensure with the services offered that noise burdens for residential buildings are minimized and thus, peaceful rest for residents.”


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Source: Budapest Airport