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Homer, AK, 2024-Apr-21 — Alaska is a bear country and one of only a handful of exceptional spots in which every one of the three types of North American bears lives. You can see a bear in Alaska. In any case, regardless of whether you won’t ever be anywhere near one. is one of the most known bear-watching services offering guided bear watching in Alaska. They offer semi-day or full-day bear watching in Alaska by boat, float plane and even walking tours.

Alaskan Bear Wildlife

Brown-colored bears, also called mountain bears, are tracked down almost wherever in Alaska. Wild bears possess a large portion of Alaska’s woods. Polar bears continue the ocean ice and tundra of outrageous northern and western Alaska. offers guided tours for eventful bear viewing in Alaska. These tours offer a great bear viewing experience accompanied by professional guides. Bears are smart, creatures, therefore you need to be more alert while watching them even from a distance. They often keep away from or disregard individuals, yet can be hazardous. Many bears live in Alaska and individuals partake in the outside, yet shockingly couple of individuals see bears and a bear at any point compromises a couple of those.

How to do safe bear watching in Alaska?

Maintain sufficient distance from bears

It’s ideal to comprehend what bears need and keep away from bears whenever the situation allows. You can do this by keeping a spotless camp and home, and by following bear wellbeing guidance while reproducing or working in bear country.

Offer them a space

Each bear has an “individual space”- the distance inside which the bear feels undermined. Assuming you enter that space, the bear might become forceful.

Give female bears additional room.

Female bears are particularly savage safeguards of their young and may answer forcefully if they see a danger to their fledglings. While shooting bears, utilize your zoom; drawing near could seriously endanger you.

Keep away from regions where you see or smell bodies of fish or different creatures, or see foragers congregated. A bear’s food might be close. Assuming the bear is near, it might protect its reserve forcefully.

Bear Watching in Homer Alaska

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