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Announce first with and your press release distribution will be free of charge

1) Exclusivity — To be eligible, your travel press release must not exist on the web at the time our editors pick it up for release on By submitting under this option you grant us exclusive rights to be the first news-wire to take your PR to the public and agree not to publish the same press release on any other site on the web for at least 48 hours upon the release on

Note: This offer does not include distribution report as well as targeting and is’s most basic press release distribution package we offer. If you’re looking for a greater exposure and options to target your audiences as well as to control how large the reach you want to be for your press release, please consider’s paid PR distribution packages at:

2) PR submission — Send your ready made PR material over to our editorial desk at Photos, images, logos, video and audio files and URLs, as well as specific keywords, hyperlinks, anchor texts, categories and tags requirements and instructions to be taken into consideration by our PR editors can all be included in/attached to your email to us.

3) PR goes live — Our PR editors will review your press release, craft it out, and schedule it for release in’s pipeline. Your travel PR goes live on within 24 hours upon the PR submission. Usually early at morning (EST) the very next business day (excluding weekends and official US holidays, unless specifically targeted).

For press release formatting and guidelines, please consult with our FAQs.

The use of and its travel press release distribution and newswire service is governed by the following terms of service.

Got questions? Contact us at with any travel PR distribution specific questions.

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The vast majority of the travel press releases that will appear on and be released via Travel PR News (, will primarily be sourced directly from leading and top travel brands, companies and organizations by our experienced PR editors on a very individual and per case arrangement basis to assure best quality of the travel PR stream. does not offer general free travel press release distribution service. Furthermore, even if the paid PR distribution service is used or the exclusivity option is exercised, there will be no guarantee whatsoever for distribution of any travel related press release via, if it does not match the average quality of the rest of the press releases published on and released via’s newswire. This is determined by our travel PR editors in their sole discretion. Should it happen for your paid PR to be rejected by our travel PR editors, for one reason or another, a full refund will immediately be issued to you.

If you feel you may not be able to meet the above single criterion for free PR distribution, or you just do not want to comply with, you can have your travel related press releases distributed for free over here:

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