Top reasons why you should choose Odisha tour and travel packages for a hassle-free journey

ODISHA, India, 2021-Nov-30 — /Travel PR News/ — Also referred to as Goa of the East, the land of Odisha is a delightful mix of culture, architecture, handicrafts, food and the coast like no other state. Yes, it is true that Odisha doesn’t have much of a party atmosphere such as Goa, but it shares similar characteristics that would make it a perfect destination for visitors who want to spend their holiday on the east coast. The state is well-known for keeping its culture and traditions of the past and the present alive, while also embracing rapid modernization.

From the famous vibrant beaches of Gopalpur and Puri to breathtaking TalapatraChitra artwork, from ancient rock-cut caves and sculptures to the holy abode of Lord Jagannath temple, from Asia’s biggest saltwater lagoon to wildlife sanctuaries, Odisha makes a perfect destination for all types of tourists around the world.

The best thing is that Mishra Tours & Travels offers highly affordable Odisha tour and travels packages that will enable you to explore the wonderful sites of Odisha comfortably. Here are the top reasons why you must keep Odisha on top of your next travel buck list.

Rich Culture and Handicrafts

The USP of Odisha is its diverse culture and abundance of handicrafts and handlooms. Almost every town, village and region in the state provides a different kind of skill and craft. Most of the products, such as silver filigree, terracotta, fine painting, wood and stone carving, appliqué, palm leaf etching, hand dying, metalwork, weaving, and much more, highlight their tradition, culture, belief and day-to-day lifestyle. Ensure to visit Kala Bhoomi Museum, if you are keen to know more about the craftsmanship, artistry and expertise of this beautiful state.

Tribal Heritage

Odisha is known to have the largest number of tribes among all states in India. There are more than 60 tribal communities in Orissa, most of whom have their own living styles and speaking languages and are also isolated from society as well. Visiting the tribes can be a fascinating experience, but there are only limited tribes who are a bit open and like to get visitors to know about their traditions and sell local products as well. Make sure to visit the AdivasiMela in Bhubaneswar, which is held every year in the city, thereby enabling you to know more about the rich mosaic of the culture and heritage of various tribal communities of the state.

Temples and Other Monuments

Odisha has so many great ancient monuments that are worth visiting and exploring. The capital city Bhubaneswar, also known as the city of temples, itself has over 800 spiritual buildings and monuments that primarily have a Kalinga style of architecture that are unparalleled in terms of uniqueness, elegance and decorative stone carvings. The Lingaraj temple is one of the oldest in this region.

Another important temple in Odisha is the world-famous Lord Jaganath temple situated in Puri, which is indeed an imposing example of the architecture that the state possesses. Staying for the mahaprasad and witnessing the rituals of the inner sanctum of the temple is worth the experience. Apart from these, you can also visit Konark Sun Temple that is blessed with stonemason’s work and the excavation sites of Lalitgiri, Udayagiri, and Ratnagiri, where you can actually look for the intact ruins and structures of stupas, monasteries, and Buddha statues, dating back from the 1st to 9th centuries.

All in All

There are numerous other destinations comprising beaches, hill stations, waterfalls, etc., that you can choose for an adventurous trip to Odisha. But, the fun and excitement you want your Odisha vacation to offer will depend a lot on the Odisha tour and travels packages you choose. Mishra Tours & Travels offers some of the best tour packages to help you enjoy hassle-free holidays with your family and friends comfortably at an affordable price. Contact the reliable tour operator today!