Norwegian presents six new routes

2012-12-24 — / — In 2013, travellers out of Copenhagen Airport can choose a number of new destinations on Norwegian, including Liverpool, Madrid and Lisbon. The airline is opening as many as six new routes in next year’s summer programme.

Passengers out of Denmark will have six new destinations to choose from on Norwegian next year. The new routes were announced when Norwegian announced the latest details of next year’s summer programme. Of particular interest will be the service to Liverpool, as Norwegian will be the only airline serving that destination out of Copenhagen. Madrid, the capital of Spain, and Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, will also be new destinations on the route network, come next year.

Great expectations
There are other new and exciting destinations in next year’s summer programme. Norwegian will also launch services to Montpellier, France, the Greek holiday island of Corfu, and to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina.
Johan Bisgaard Larsen, Norwegian’s manager of communications and marketing in Denmark, is happy about Norwegian’s many new destinations out of Copenhagen:

“I am very pleased that we can offer passengers in Denmark so many new destinations next year. We have great expectations for next year’s summer programme, and the fact that we are presenting so many different destinations clearly demonstrates the versatility of our route network. We look forward to welcoming passengers on board our new flights, all of which feature free WIFI,” said Johan Bisgaard Larsen.

Facts about the new routes in the 2013 summer programme (31 March-26 October)

Copenhagen-Liverpool: Three weekly flights (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays – during the three summer months, there will be two flights on Mondays and Fridays). Start-up on 5 April.

Copenhagen-Madrid: four weekly flights (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays). Start-up on 5 April.

Copenhagen-Lisbon Two weekly flights (Thursdays and Sundays). Start-up on 11 April.

Copenhagen-Montpellier: Two weekly flights during the summer months (Mondays and Thursdays).

Copenhagen-Sarajevo: One weekly flight during the summer months (Tuesdays). Start-up on 25 June.

Copenhagen-Corfu: One weekly flight during the summer months (Fridays). Start-up on 28 June.