New system, improved parking at Budapest Airport

2012-08-03 — / — Budapest Airport launches a new, improved parking system and curbside access from 8th August 2012 at Terminal 2. In full coordination with airport police, road authorities and other partners the new system will enable motorists to access the curbside of both departure and arrival at Terminal 2 free for 5 minutes to drop off and to pick up passengers. The main designated parking area called Terminal Parking will be down in the center between Terminal 2A and 2B.

Push a button, pick up a ticket and download your passengers – then leave the close curbside of Terminal 2 at Budapest Airport for free within 5 minutes. This is how simple the new curbside parking system will work at Budapest Airport after 8th August 2012. The improved access system will enable motorists to off-load or pick-up their passengers both at departure and arrival level (the latter was closed to traffic due to the construction and refurbishment of Terminal 2). Those who wish to park their vehicles right at the terminal curbside will have to pay 2000 HUF for 30 minutes at the so-called Premium Parking. However the usual parking at Terminal Parking will cost only 800 HUF for 30 minutes.

The introduction of the new system is part of the Terminal 2 development that started 3 years ago with the construction of SkyCourt. After inauguration of the new central element of Terminal 2 both interiors of 2A and 2B were modernized and overhauled. Now time has come for Budapest Airport to make road access more efficient at Terminal 2 and introduce a simpler parking system too.

Introduction of the new system will significantly increase efficiency and through-put of Terminal 2 curbside and increase road safety at peak hours. All public buses (BKV), Budapest Airport’s licensed taxis and Airport Shuttle Minibus will have free access to their designated areas. Also tourist buses will have an opportunity to download their passengers and pick them up at designated areas. Down at the Terminal Parking area drivers will have 10 minutes time free of charge to do the same.

Car drivers will have to draw their tickets while driving through the barriers on entry and they can leave with the same ticket free if they do it within 5 minutes. Those who exceed the 5 minutes limit will have to pay the Premium Parking cash-machines (with banknotes and coins) at the curbside and near the exits of the Terminal both at departure and arrival level. Down at the Terminal Parking the same system works free of charge for 10 minutes’ period of time.

“We are introducing a system at the curbside parking very similar to most European airports” – says Manel Moreno, Head of Landside Services of Budapest Airport.” We offer 70 parking spaces at departures and 53 at arrival to those who wish to pay for the premium comfort of leaving their vehicles right at the doors of the terminal. All other drivers are advised to use 749 spaces down at Terminal Parking. I am sure that with the new system in place, our curbside will be safer and much more convenient to our passengers.”