Japan Airlines unveils new designs for its uniformed representatives

Japan Airlines unveils new designs for its uniformed representatives

Tokyo, Japan, 2019-Jul-26 — /Travel PR News/ — Japan Airlines (JAL) today (July 23, 2019) announced new designs for the company`s uniformed representatives and will be officially adopted in April 2020.

In early 2019, Japan Airlines reached out to customers and fans requesting comments and opinions on new designs for JAL`s uniformed representatives. Based on the responses, the company provided feedback to the designer and improved the functionality of each uniform.

JAL Group representatives will proudly wear the new uniforms and offer valued customers the highest quality of services in an aim to become the world`s most preferred and valued airline.

Design Concept
– Based on a refined and stylish design for professionals providing a safe flight experience and the highest levels of service. The key components of the current uniforms were utilized, which added to the improved functionality of the newly branded wear.

– To contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and with the Tokyo 2020 games around the corner, the company is striving to achieve the TOKYO 2020 Sustainable Sourcing Code with key stakeholders. Through these new uniforms, the company will be able to contribute to society by using the recycled materials and provide employees an opportunity to be part of the SDGs movement.

Selection Process
– The uniform was selected by a committee consisting of JAL staffs who currently work in uniform, considering the basic concept as well as the cost.

– Based on feedback received via a public survey, many comments included the key phrases – Stylish &Modern. In addition, comments regarding sleeves and the ability to wear trousers for female staff were proposed and approved.

[About the New Uniform]

Cabin Crew
Creative Director, Yasutoshi Ezumi, created the design based on two concepts called Refined Hybrid Beauty and Hybrid Modern Beauty.

By using a hybrid technique combining different materials, the uniform includes the corporate logo ”Tsurumaru” and corporate color ”red” to produce an originally designed and highly functional uniform.

The silhouette of the 3D shaped one piece uniform is representing the curve of a crane and also adopted a balloon shaped sleeve, which is rare in the airline industry. Based on the comments received from customers, the company designed a suitable style that does not affect the daily work involved for the crew.

Scarfs and aprons feature different styles between each JAL Group airline and an option to wear trousers will now be available.

Ground Staff
The uniform expresses a sense of elegance, like a crane, and the patterns were designed with movement in mind. Similar to the cabin crew, the corporate logo and corporate color were used.

The scarf is a longer type featuring flowers drawn by the designer (Yasutoshi Ezumi) and more than 20 colors were used to produce the elegant scarf. And, the new one piece dress style is modern and functional.

For the lounge staff, a subtle pink-beige colored jacket represents the formalness of the lounge. And for the reception staff, a cream-beige colored jacket represents a high quality visual appeal.

Flight Crew
The unisex design is similar to the current model, but a few changes were included to improve movement.

For the first time, a specially designed uniform for female pilots has been introduced. The jacket features a single-button type and a scarf can be used to replace the necktie. The scarf is a motif of an origami crane and was also designed by Yasutoshi Ezumi.

Engineering Staff
The coverall is designed by Descente Japan Ltd. Highlighted by the corporate logo; the stylish uniform is similar to how sportswears are cultivated and is a highly functional performance gear.

The outer coat is designed by mont-bell. The functional coat protects the wearer from severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain and in blizzard conditions. The dark color depicts the determination to achieve safe and secure flights.

Ground Handling Staff
The uniform is designed by Descente Japan Ltd. and similar to the uniform for engineering staff, the gear is highly functional. There are different versions which correspond to a variety of working styles. In addition, the polo shirt uniform was introduced for the severe heat during the summer.

The outer coat is also designed by mont-bell and features an energetic red color.

Kariyushi (Traditional Wear in Okinawa)
Kariyushi, worn during the summer in Okinawa, is designed by Yasutoshi Ezumi. Five Okinawan flowers, including the Deigo flower, are arranged in brilliant colors. The design depicts the Omotenashi (hospitality) of Okinawa in its cheerful and warm nature and has a modern feel. The same Kariyushi wear was introduced for the pilot`s uniform for the first time. All Kariyushis are made in Okinawa.

Creative Designer Yasutoshi Ezumi
Born in 1981 in Hiroshima, Japan. Yasutoshi Ezumi graduated from Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts and worked as an assistant designer for foreign brands.

2010 – Launched own label [Yasutoshi Ezumi]. He was chosen for the `SHINMAI Creator’s Project` by the Japan Fashion Week Organization.
2011 – Presented at the Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn/Winter Edition.
2014 – Awarded Best Debutant of the Year Award and DHL Designer Award
2018 – Renamed brand name to EZUMi

Source: Japan Airlines