Enterprise rebrands Spanish ATESA and French Citer SA

2012-12-13 — /travelprnews.com/ — Enterprise Holdings has announced that it plans to rebrand Spanish ATESA and French Citer SA as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which will take effect on 1 February. This decision follows the group acquiring both of the companies in February this year as part of its growth strategy in Europe to develop an extensive network of car hire locations across the continent, as well as other countries, through wholly owned and affiliate relationships.

In Europe, Enterprise Holdings only operates as Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the UK, Ireland and Germany. The group also owns and operates National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car in the US. Its acquisition of ATESA and Citer SA was an important step in adding Spain and France to its European presence. Their rebranding will add 350 branches to the biggest car rental network in the world.

The move also outlines the company’s plan to develop the new French presence it has acquired. Enterprise expects to add new branches and to increase its workforce by the end of next year following significant investment into the market. Meanwhile, the physical rebranding is being backed with a personal plan of development for the company’s existing workforce. Combining this with internal training to introduce the operator’s management techniques and unique approach to customer service will give staff more self-sufficiency to meet local customers’ needs.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car senior vice president of European operations Jim Burrell says that rebranding Citer SA is the result of a year of learning and understanding the company, existing staff and local customers, as well as the French market. They sought to determine a value scheme to fit the needs of their new local and international customers.

Burrell continued to explain that being close to their customers is the basis of their business model, so all the existing locations will stay open. They also hope to open more branches in the next year, and they aim to work up from the ground, with each branch, to give workers the tools they need to serve customers effectively. Their workforce is their most powerful growth strategy. Customers also care about the brand and recognition, and the industry will begin to see the logo of Enterprise on new signs from 1 February. Ultimately, their workers are the brand’s best ambassadors and the ones who will build the French business.

Burrell added that Enterprise Rent-A-Car has developed a robust brand footprint in Europe since arriving in 1994. However, they want to be where their customers need them, and this rebranding will bring them to Spain and France with a well-founded network and great team of staff. They will seek to do this to best suit the needs of every market through wholly owned operations, franchises and affiliates.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car France general manager James Ware says Citer SA is a business that’s passionate about its customers. This shared value has made the acquisition and rebranding smooth. Enterprise has a unique approach to customer service, and the new team has been very amenable. They have learned that their customers value service in every market, which is where they focus their energies and investments and what makes the company different.


 Enterprise rebrands Spanish ATESA and French Citer SA

Enterprise rebrands Spanish ATESA and French Citer SA