Check the PNR Status of Your Ticket Anytime and Anywhere

pnr status

Mumbai, India, 2022-Feb-03 — /Travel PR News/ — Each Indian railway ticket has a unique ten-digit number called the PNR number. The PNR number stands for the Passenger Name Record. There are three types of train ticket status – Confirmed, RAC and WL. You can say that a ticket is in the confirmed stage when you are definite that you will get an assured berth to travel. The Train PNR status helps you to confirm the position of your ticket.

In a ticket with a status of Reservation against Cancellation (RAC), the passengers do not get a reserved berth but they can travel by sitting. There is a high chance of the RACs becoming confirmed tickets due to the last minute cancellations. Passengers having an RAC ticket can board the train and sit on the side seats (one passenger on each seat). At any time during the time of the journey if one passenger gets a confirmed seat, the other can change the side seats into a berth and sleep on it.

Wait list (WL) passengers will not get a berth or a seating in the train. These passengers can hold on to the ticket until the WL status changes to RAC. There is a certain number of WL queues that the railway authorities decide. Once the officials issue all the WL quotas, they do not allow any more reservations. Passengers trying to book tickets at this stage will receive a message such as REGRET, which means that no further reservation is possible.

If the ticket is in the RAC or WL status, the passengers will have to check the standing of the ticket at a later stage. The online system of status enquiry has made this task much easier for all. The passengers can access the official website of the railways and click on the PNR status enquiry link. They have to enter their 10-digit PNR in the box that appears on the screen. Clicking on the Get Status button will give them the details of the present state of their ticket.

The RAC and WL tickets will show two numbers. For example, if the passenger’s ticket shows WL30/RAC4, it means that the status of the ticket at the time of booking was wait-list 30 and due to several cancellations, the present status of the ticket is now RAC 4.

Apart from checking online, travelers can also make a PNR status enquiry by sending an SMS to the enquiry number or by calling the customer care number of the railways. In the event of passengers WL ticket not converted into a confirmed ticket, they can try for a Tatkal booking. Passengers can make this type of ticket booking only 24 hours prior to the travel. All Tatkal tickets are confirmed bookings. So, make the best use of the valuable facilities offered by the Indian Railway Train.

Booking your travel within India by rail is now easier than ever before. You can now check the PNR status of your booking online at the click of a button. Quick and easy online booking and PNR status check for Indian railways.