Budapest Airport: Road developments at Terminal 2

2012-07-21 — / — Budapest Airport’s access system at Terminal 2 will be completely renewed in a few weeks’ time, as soon as the reconstruction works have been completed.

With the access control system to be installed on the roads in front of the terminal, the airport operator expects greater throughput and enhanced safety. During the first year following the handover of the SkyCourt in 2011, Budapest Airport continued the works by renovating the interior of Terminals 2A and 2B, which was completed a few weeks ago. Now the works are continuing with the development of the curbside and the car park.

The new system for the curbside following a complete transformation is expected to go live at Budapest Airport in the coming summer weeks. This will also affect access to Terminal 2 for passenger vehicles. It is good news for drivers that one of the most important changes involves re-opening one of the roads on the arrivals level to public traffic. Thus, after nearly three years it will again be possible picking up arriving passengers by car at the same level of the arrivals terminal. Another new feature is an access control system of barriers that is currently under construction on the curbside bridge leading to the arrivals and departure levels of the terminal.

With the installation of the access control system and the parking structure to be introduced in parallel, the throughput of the road network leading to the terminal entrances could increase significantly. Similarly to many other airports in Europe, parking in the immediate vicinity of the terminal will essentially cease and will be subject to significant restrictions, which means that it will only be worth stopping there for passenger drop-off and pickup. This service, called the Premium Car Park, will be available for motorists free of charge for 5 minutes, but thereafter they will only be able to leave the departure or the arrivals level if they pay the applicable fee.

The other option if someone would like to escort the passenger into the terminal building or wait for them at the exit of the transit area is to use the Terminal Car Park (currently the short stay car park), located in the middle only 25 meters from the entrance to the terminal building. The gist of the concept is therefore that if drivers would like to park their cars, they can do this primarily at the car park below, leaving space in the immediate vicinity of the terminals for other motorists arriving for passenger drop-off and pickup only. Additionally, the grace period in the Terminal Car Park has been increased from 5 to 10 minutes, so that it can also accommodate a free pickup and drop-off function.

Budapest Airport decided to implement the comprehensive development of the access control system regulating vehicle flows to the airport car parks and the terminals in order to prevent congestion and queues in front of the terminals. The new system facilitates a continuous vehicle flow in front of the terminals, thereby enhancing safety. Restricting parking next to the terminal entrances is now standard international practice, whilst many airports only permit access for taxis and buses.

“The development of Terminal 2 has arrived at an important milestone, since so far it was primarily the passenger circulation areas of the buildings which underwent noticeable expansion and renovation, but the beneficiaries of this development will be vehicle users,” emphasized Alan Bork, director of the Business Unit Consumers, which also operates the car parks at Budapest Airport. “With the new system we are introducing international practice which enables seamless and civilized traffic management in the immediate vicinity of the terminals, whilst also providing a convenient solution for passengers.”