Brussels Airport House launched – one-stop service and information about working at Brussels Airport

Brussels, Belgium, 2013-10-30 — / — Today (October 21, 2013) saw the official opening of Brussels Airport House:  a unique one-stop service in the heart of the airport terminal where all useful information about working at Brussels Airport is centralised. The Brussels Airport House is a joint initiative of various partners and government agencies active in the employment and public transportation sectors. The Flemish employment agency VDAB, the provincial development company POM Vlaams-Brabant, VOKA, Brussels Airport, public bus company De Lijn, Airport Academy, the Province of Vlaams-Brabant and RESOC Halle-Vilvoorde have joined efforts to set up Brussels Airport house. One of its major strengths is the close collaboration with their counterparts in Brussels and Wallonia including BECI, UWE, Brussels Metropolitan, ACTIRIS, FOREM and MIVB, as well as with the Belgian rail company NMBS/SNCB.

More than aviation-related jobs!

The jobs on offer are very diverse, ranging from more general profiles including waiter, nurse, electrician or baker to specific airport jobs including check-in agent, loadmaster, baggage worker or flight attendant. Brussels Airport House will explain the wide range of jobs on offer and will provide jobseekers with tailored advice about how to proceed and where to go to start an attractive career in aviation.
“Brussels Airport today employs 20,000 people in the most diverse jobs. Brussels Airport is the second centre of economic growth in Belgium after the port of Antwerp. The airport is a unique place to work at that strongly appeals to the imagination.  “By 2020, the airport expects an additional direct and indirect employment of 10,000 jobs”, says Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist.


It is in the interest of the 262 companies employing staff at the airport that they should be able to quickly fill in vacancies with a suitable candidate. Furthermore, Brussels Airport House also plays an important structural part in promoting the sustainable accessibility of the airport by public transport, as well as in screening the public transportation needs of the airport staff and streamlining the collaboration between the partners concerned.

Brussels Airport House practical

Brussels Airport House gives employment agencies the opportunity to meet employers and jobseekers in a low-threshold setting. At the same time people seeking a job at the airport are welcome to look for suitable vacancies with the help of VDAB, Actiris and Forem.  Moreover Brussels Airport House acts as a “portal” to the broader service of the employment agencies. For instance, Brussels Airport House will cooperate closely with the “Airport Academy”, which provides training for particular airport jobs. In term, Brussels Airport House also intends to work together with schools and other training centres.
All of the above makes Brussels Airport House a real in-house meeting place for the companies at the airport: due to its physical presence at the airport they keep their finger on the pulse of the labour market.
Where: Brussels Airport – 4th Floor passenger terminal
Opening hours: 8.30 – 12.30 am and by appointment in the afternoon
Telephone: 02 753 50 66